The Journal of Clinical and Experimental Morphology

The journal is published by the Research Institute of Human Morphology.

The Journal of Clinical and Experimental Morphology covers the broad spectrum of topical issues on clinical and experimental morphology, such as pathological anatomy, general and special pathology, molecular pathology, immunopathology, histology, cytology, functional morphology, embryology, and modeling of pathological processes and diseases.

The journal was founded in 2011. Abstracts and table of contents are also offered in English. Articles are illustrated with color and black-and-white photographs including the images of  macropreparations and histological slides, electronograms etc.

Leading experts in the various fields of morphology contribute to the journal.

The journal publishes peer-reviewed original scientific research and reviews as well as lectures, methodological articles, case studies, discussions, and articles concerning the organization of pathology services. The news section includes useful information and guidance documents.

The journal is intended for pathologists, histologists, cytologists, embryologists, anatomists, biologists, and clinicians.


Frequency – quarterly.

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ISSN 2226-5988.


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